HengJia Club
¡¾Explanation¡¿ Henjia: Good thing comes together. Analogy excellent people gather together
¡¾Provenance¡¿¡¶Zhouyi¡¤Qian¡·: ¡°Hen ze, jia zhi hui¡±
Under the sun, HengJia Club
Elite, absorb the essence of the world; Elite follow meet people by fabric, cheers to attract people from the world, to build the ideal team for excellent people.
Elite, as a man of the world; What the ideal business Elite want to create is the ideal can be the cause of widespread recognition in both "(Product) quality" and "(people's) character".
Pursue the realm of win-win cooperation

Elite, is constructing an atmosphere of harmonious development between enterprise and employees and between company and customers; is trying common win and development under the principles of integrity and pragmatic

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